New York Times: 36 Hours in Durham NC

The New York Times featured Mike D’s BBQ at our East Durham site in their feature.  Read more here!


“The evolution of Durham from a faded tobacco town to a diverse cultural and culinary destination has been years in the making. But the ongoing development of this central North Carolina city seems to have reached a new stage. The resurgent downtown area — long a transitional neighborhood with pockets of progress — is now brimming with new restaurants, boutiques, bars and breweries. And while construction continues apace amid the historic brick warehousestobacco factories and textile mills — for good and ill — visitors today have reason to venture farther afield, to emerging hotspots in East Durham and the Old Five Points neighborhood. This season, only the brilliant fall foliage can compete with all the terrific food, drink and local color there is to discover across Dur’m, as residents affectionately call the dynamic Bull City.”